Welcome to 2018!

20/01/2018 17:06


Inspiration comes in many forms. It might be artwork in a rulebook, a homebrew article for a game you play, or the mention of a new game in a blog or podcast. I will outline a few places where I get my inspiration, and some of those gaming things out there which interest and inspire me.

Causeway Giants Gaming group

The Causeway Giants Gaming group are the reason I am trying to be more proactive about my gaming, and part of being proactive is bringing back this web site. The inspiration here comes from the sharing of ideas. These guys are a great bunch to meet and game with, and the nice thing about them is the range and diversity of games that each member has an interest in. I enjoy spending time with these guys either roleplaying, wargaming, playing other tabletop games including boardgames, or just meeting up and heading off to the cinema to see the latest fantasy or sci-fi film.

Web site specifics

There are some places I always end up heading back to for inspiration. This might be because I am looking for something specific, I am looking for something new to whet my appetite, or I have got the bug for a new game or system and want to see what is out there that I can add to my personal game.

Free Dungeon Tiles to Print is one of my go to places for dungeon tiles for my roleplaying or dungeon crawl board games. I would be lost without such a resource as this!

Boardgame Geek and RPG Geek are two flavours of the same great web resource. Good for information on games, both old and new.

Lead Adventure Forum is a great place to find content around wargaming and tabletop gaming with miniatures, whatever the flavour.

D20 Radio is a gaming blog with artiles and content from across the roleplaying and gaming spectrum.

Sadly no longer active the Mad Adventurers Society is still a great resource to find information on gaming, and it was through here I found a lot of my other web based gaming resources.

Lastly Pinterest is a great source for general inspiration, be it for miniatures, modelling, scenery, maps, or just looking at drawings and artwork.

The rest of the Internet

There are a host of other blogs, web sites, podcasts and YouTube channels dedicated to various forms of gaming, whether this is specific to a particular game or system, or whether it is a live play session or crafting tutorial.

Delve Podcast is a web site and podcast looking at game development.

The Order 66 Podcast centres around the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.

Reck less Dice is a website and podcast which was spawned from discussions about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition but has grown beyond this to include other games and systems.

The Terrain Tutor offers both a web site and youtube channel dedicated to wargaming terrain.

Lukes APS is a youtube channel looking at wargaming terrain on the cheap.

The DMG info is a website and youtube channel centered on cheap terrain crafting for your roleplaying games.

Drive Thru RPG is my go to RPG shop. A great place to have a rummage, whether looking for something specific, like character sheets or other resource for my current RPGs, or just looking to see what is new in the sale or bargain bin which might take my interest.

There are loads of other Facebook groups, YouTube channels and web sites I go to for inspiration, but I wanted to take the time to outline a few rather than bore you to death with a huge list. Also, the internet is a transient place, as I can attest with this being the third iteration of these pages right now. Some of the channels and web sites I list here today, might not be around tomorrow, and new channels might spring up to replace those currently in my 'go to' list. You just have to keep looking and be open to new ideas.

Everything else is inspiration

Films, TV shows, computer and console games are good for inspiration. This might be a villian archetype, or a whole new world for you to create to run your game in. Going out for walks, and in my case travelling (to foreign lands) can provide loads inspiration. This could be a building which you could recreate for your tabletop or just an area to base a scenario in. History books, historical maps and novels also provide inspiration; and going back to the first inspiration I listed, meeting up with other folk and just having a good chat can be some of the best inspiration out there.


I hope that you get something from this and may these pages in turn inspire you.